December 2017

The Staff of Block Business Group hopes that you have all had a nice Thanksgiving and we wish you a joyous holiday season.

Typically, this time of the year tends to be a slow period for eye care professionals. This is mostly because people focus their shopping efforts on holiday gifts as opposed to eyewear and eyecare. That being said, why not try to refocus people’s holiday shopping thoughts to eyewear.

How about offering gift certificates, possibly even discounted gift certificates or gift cards good for merchandise in your dispensary or even eye exams or contact lenses. As an example, you can offer a $500 eyecare / eyewear package. The gift certificate or card would be paid for at time or purchase which would help to shore up your sales during this typically slow time of year.

To make sure your patient / customer base is aware of your gift certificate / card holiday promotion, we recommend a prominent counter display in your office or dispensary, and the use of an e-mail blast to your patient base and other forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, it would be wise to set up a holiday promotion area in your window if you have a storefront location, or in the waiting area of your office. This would be an ideal way to promote non-Rx sunglasses and high-end readers.

Perhaps, incentivize your staff members to offer this holiday promotion by providing them with a small commission if they’re successful in selling this concept. Your staff will be delighted to make extra money leading up to the holiday season as they promote this creative gift idea to your patients.

Another great holiday gift would be designer sunglasses. Let your customers know that these are returnable for exchange provided they haven’t been worn. They can use their Care Credit card to pay for their purchase which provides payment flexibility.

You’ll be providing your patients with a creative gift for their friends and loved ones, your staff will have an opportunity to earn extra money for the holiday season, AND, you may just improve your sales and profitability during a typically slow period…everybody wins.

Have a happy and profitable holiday season.


Michael Block


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