Ten things I learned at Vision Expo West:

  1. Independent ECP’s are alive and well. 
  2. The economy is growing and our industry is along with it. 
  3. Independent ECP’s need to be proactive in our marketing or we’ll be left behind. 
  4. A social media presence and an up-to-date website are a must for all ECP’s. 
  5. There is a variety of product out there. It’s important to know your practice demographic and buy accordingly. 
  6. CareCredit is a must for upgrading patients’ eyewear selections and selling multiple pairs especially in the managed care environment. 
  7. In the face of mounting competition make sure your office is modern and up-to-date. Take an objective look at your dispensary and ask yourself if it’s a place where you’d feel comfortable shopping. If not, it’s time to upgrade the appearance. 
  8. Private Equity funds are circling our industry for investment opportunities. 
  9. Consolidation is inevitable. 
  10. As Doctor Alliance groups begin to sell out (some already have) to private equity or corporate entities, Block Business Group, The Nation’s Leading Buying Group, will continue to be crucial to the financial health of your practice.

mblock 01

Michael Block


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