Dear Members: May 2015

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Spring is in the air and it’s a good time to think about sprucing up your office.  Often we are so busy on a day to day basis working with patients, doing paperwork, and spending time with sales reps that we don’t have a chance to take an objective look at our offices.

We tend to take for granted how others view the physical appearance of our dispensary, exam rooms and even our laboratories.  People have confidence in an office that is neat, clean, modern and up-to-date.  As an example, walk into a high-end jewelry store or a designer boutique or a department store such as Neiman Marcus and look at the walls, look at the floors, and even look at the ceiling.  The executives of these retailers know the value of making sure that everything is neat, clean and current.  By that I mean, no stains on the carpeting, no marks on the walls, and no stains on the ceiling tiles from an old leak.  Personally, when I go to the office of a doctor or dentist and it isn’t current, neat and clean, it causes me to question the competency of the practitioner and his or her staff.

All this being said, walk into your office one day (I recommend doing this on a day off) and just look around your waiting area, dispensary and exam room, and ask yourself objectively if your location is one that you would feel comfortable trusting with your eye health.

Your waiting area should be comfortable, spotless and stocked with current magazines and contain neat, current point of purchase materials.  The dispensary should include well-stocked and organized frame displays.  High end products if you carry them, should be prominently located in appropriate displays in a special location.  Dispensing tables should also be clinically clean and wiped down with disinfecting wipes after each patient.

Your exam room should always look perfect.  Your chairs and exam equipment should be up to date and the room should be clutter free and professional.

Also, make sure that your laboratory is kept neat, clean and current.  Oftentimes patients will walk by or they may ask to see where the eyeglasses are assembled.  The machinery should be current, neat and clean, tools should be hanging on appropriate racks, and trays should be in neat, organized stacks.  And while you’re in there, take a look at your edging equipment and make sure that it is state-of-the-art.  It will not only impress your patients, but will also help to improve your bottom line by reducing breakage, spoilage, and be a great time saver.

If you feel comfortable that your office passes the so-called ‘white glove test’ and you are in compliance with all the suggestions stated above, then you need read no further.  If however, your objective assessment of your office is less than perfect, spring is the perfect time to prepare to make changes during the slower summer season.

This would be a good time to contact Fashion Optical Displays, one of our Block Practice Builders, who can assist you with every facet of office renovation.  Dispensary design service is free to Block members.  And if you’re considering new exam room equipment or have been thinking about a new edger, contact Block Practice Builder Briot / Visionix.  Both of the above offer excellent savings to Block members.

It’s a well-known fact in retail that updates and renovations lead to increased consumer confidence and ultimately improved sales.


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